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Illustrated Bible hardcover #708747

In the age of computer animation and videos, reaching children through books has become much more challenging. Now parents and teachers can offer preteens a Bible that's really cool to read. "The Graphic Bible" hits kids where they live--in a world of exc
Illustrated Bible hardcover #708747
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Illustrated Bible hardcover #708747

Had many key stories from the Old and New Testaments. Great for kids, teens or comic book lovers.

For kids who are more drawn to graphic novels and comics more than traditional books, The Illustrated Bible by Jeff Anderson (a well known graphic novel artist) and Mike Maddox (who also writes for DC Comics) is an excellent resource. Illustrations reign supreme in a graphic novel, and Anderson does a superb job displaying emotions and bringing biblical characters to life. His scenes range from tranquil and lovely (as in the story of creation) to scary (as in the book of Revelation). Maddox's text is true to the Bible, yet simple and straightforward - and sometimes even funny. The scope of this "Bible" is impressive, too. Most of the familiar stories of the scriptures are covered, including details from Revelation, which are often omitted in children's books. The stories are gritty, real, and not dumbed down. What I Like: Everything. This is an extremely well-done graphic version of the Bible, suitable not just for kids, but for adults. What I Dislike: Not every story of the Bible can be included in a book like this. However, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is oddly omitted. Also don't look for the Psalms or Proverbs here; this book is about action. Reviews Prepare To Be Impressed I actually received this book free and, as a result, had very low expectations. Well, cliches are not always true... The artwork is stunning and the whole presentation captures you from the minute you open the cover. The text appears to be very accurate and follows closely with my NIV. I would recommend this as a gift for anyone you know who is resistant to reading the Bible for the first time. (This definitely includes adults.) I intend to read it cover to cover--something I haven't ever done with my full text Bible. Very impressive. Excellent Art work and Bible I just finished reading this high quality comic book style Bible. I found the Bible to be excellent and the pictures the helped me as an adult. The heroes of the Bible are heroes here. I have read the real Bible several times and found that I enjoyed and was encouraged by this Bible as well. The graphics are excellent - like the best video games around -- not really what I would consider comic book style, but higher quality. I wish I had bigger pictures of some of the scenes -- I found them inspiring. I have bought several copies of The Graphic Bible as Christmas presents. It is appropriate for parents to read to children, but contains some deep thoughts too. The concern of God for man throughout the Bible comes through clearly.


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