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Find God on the Streets

Ps 113:8 (NIrV) “He raises poor people up from the trash pile. He lifts needy people out of the ashes.”

Every day, individuals and ministries work tirelessly to bring the message of hope and restoration to the harsh streets of the inner city. Men, women and youth who call the city streets their home might never find the doorway of a church. Downtown shelters and missions will be the only church they know.

CLLM wants to make sure that these men and women have an opportunity to Find God on any given corner or in any food and clothing line. Food, shelter and clothing are needed for this life, and when we give these precious, often forgotten people these basics, we want to offer them the Living Bread and Water of salvation which will restore them for eternity!

The Bibles at CLLM are designed for easy reading and understanding so that those who cannot read well can still be given full understanding of the Gospel. Our goal is to make sure God’s Word is being spread at street level. We don’t ever want to run short of the ability to hand out Bibles to those who so desperately need it! You need only to watch the news on television, or drive thorough the city streets, to know that the need for Jesus is great. Please help us save our cities! If you would like to make a donation to help us minister in the streets, please contact us and we would love to share with you the miracles that are happening in the back alleys because of you!