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Grant Application

Guidelines for Free Scripture and Scripture Products

1. Up to $200 of Scripture and Scripture products may be granted to approved partner Christians and Christian groups to give away FREE to people who promise to read them. Additional free Scriptures may be ordered if Canadian LifeLight Ministries (CLLM) has sufficient funds in your ministry-specific Bible Fund.

2. CLLM does NOT sell Scriptures or Scripture products. Scriptures CANNOT be resold.

3. CLLM accepts donations from individuals, members, friends, groups, churches, businesses, and parachurch organizations, Sunday school classes, missionary groups, etc.

4. Ministry-specific donations should be made payable to Canadian LifeLight Ministries. Write Designated to Ministry _______ on the memo part of the cheque.

5 Recipients of FREE Scripture will be informed of the cost and will be encouraged to consider a donation to the General Bible Fund (in any amount) to be used to provide FREE Scripture for the next individual or group needing Scripture to give away FREE.

6. Mail donations to:

Canadian LifeLight Ministries Inc

Unit 61-81 Garry St (Mezzanine Level) Winnipeg MB  R3C 4J9

Application Form

Organization & Personal Info

We want to make your supporters aware of your need for Scriptures

Friends who support your ministry/Scripture distribution (attach mailing list if possible)

Business that support your ministry and Scripture distribution (mailing list if possible)

As part of our ministry to you, we may write to the above, soliciting support for your Scripture needs. Designated donations from the above will be tracked in a ministry-specific fund for you to order Scriptures again. You will receive periodic reports showing the balance in your ministry Scripture Fund. Check all boxes that apply:

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